A Quick FACT to Consider about Will, Jada, & how the Oscars impact Black/ Brown Communities & Cultures… Oh, And what Chris Had to Say After

It was the slap heard around the world…. On March 27th, OSCARS night, surprised by a Megan the Stallion cameo and still reeling from Beyonce, we got a glimpse into what happens when a man loves a woman but here’s what you may not have seen.


I ain’t got nothing to say about them. But don’t forget to follow my blog.
I do be saying stuff!

NaPoWriMo – 30 Poems for 30 Days

I finally did it! 30 poem in 30 days! Been chasing this jant since my early 20s and I’ve finally done it. Anyway, below are the 30 unedited poems written for Napowrimo 2022. I hope you enjoy! Day 1Please, don’t ask me to say sorryI won’tI’m the not sorry typeI don’t break under pressureBarely foldUnwilling […]

Love is Hard (poem) by Paula G. Akinwole

Love is HardWritten by Paula G. AkinwoleCopyrighted for PGARTistry LLC Loving me is hard, I heard I suppose it’s no easy task It takes work For I’ve been broken long before I could even spell the name of my abusers Twisted into molds and boxes that were built To lock in little girls Fold them […]

Hey, Paula. You got PPD?

Super vulnerable moments ahead. Proceed with caution. After giving birth, so many people checked in on me. My people are wonderful. My body went thru hell and my mind was there for it all; it’s only expected that folks would wanna make sure I’m ok. A few people even asked “Paula, are you experiencing any […]

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