A Quick FACT to Consider about Will, Jada, & how the Oscars impact Black/ Brown Communities & Cultures… Oh, And what Chris Had to Say After

It was the slap heard around the world…. On March 27th, OSCARS night, surprised by a Megan the Stallion cameo and still reeling from Beyonce, we got a glimpse into what happens when a man loves a woman but here’s what you may not have seen.


I ain’t got nothing to say about them. But don’t forget to follow my blog.
I do be saying stuff!

The Better. A Sunday Series – 4.30.23: “I Don’t Want That.”

The Better. A Sunday Series LISTEN ABOVE. READ BELOW! I Don’t Think I Want That by Paula G Akinwole Yesterday, I had a whole day to myself. Originally, I had planned to be on vacation or doing something birthday related but since I had done that already, I woke up with absolutely no concrete plans.…

The Better. A Sunday Series – 4.16.23: Birthday Shit

LISTEN ABOVE. READ BELOW! “Birthday Shit” by Paula G. Akinwole This weekend was my 35th birthday. It was on a Saturday and the sun was shining all day! If you’re like me, you know that those are conditions prime for an excellent birthday adventure. My husband and I had started planning months ago. Vegas, no…

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