A Quick FACT to Consider about Will, Jada, & how the Oscars impact Black/ Brown Communities & Cultures… Oh, And what Chris Had to Say After

It was the slap heard around the world…. On March 27th, OSCARS night, surprised by a Megan the Stallion cameo and still reeling from Beyonce, we got a glimpse into what happens when a man loves a woman but here’s what you may not have seen.


I ain’t got nothing to say about them. But don’t forget to follow my blog.
I do be saying stuff!

The Changing Of Things & A Happy New Year

Thoughts about a New Year by Paula G. Akinwole I’m currently sitting in Vagabond’s Rabbit Hole. It’s a small underground Jazz Club that I frequented often in my 20s but haven’t been here in about 5 years. Tonight though, my husband is around the corner doing a comedy show, night one of five and while…

Trying to Art while ADHDing

Just now, I wrote my week’s to-do-list on a giant white board that sits opposite my desk. It’s colored coded to include my husband and son, has checkboxes to confirm a task has been done, and is neatly formatted for quick and easy usage. I also have a to-do-list on my phone and in my…

Happy Ass Tree In My Window

It’s Monday Morning Again!? Episode 2 The window sill to the right of my desk in my home office is barely decorated. But there is a have to finish painting, and oversized Yoda plushie, alive yellow plant that will probably be dead by the end of this week. There’s also a Groot planter with a…

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