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PGArtistry Therapeutic Poetry Workshop is a private one hour facilitated writing session. This is a self care workshop that guides you through a poetry and creative writing experience. Using prompts and guided writing technique, this workshop will encourage you to use writing as a form of self expression.

Therapeutic Writing Workshop

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Book N Things

Parables & The Gold PLated Things

Released in 2016, the poetry and short story chapbook “Parables & The Gold Plated Things” is the premier work of poetry for Paula Gillison. The poems and stories featured are a journey into uncovering truth and exploring when things aren’t quite as they seem.

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Released in 2018, the poetry chapbook “Under” explores the human condition of feeling under the weather accompanied by the process of being under construction. Thru poetry, the author tackles depression, defeat, and self-worth. Chapters include poems about grief, about letting go, and about realization. 

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Unraveled Intimacies is the 3rd book in the Unzipped series. “… four women whose brave and truce stories offer glimpses into moments of childhood pain and resilience and adult triumph.”

“All The Boys” by Paula Gillison is “… between the heaux and the unholy love, the matriarchal ancestry and the spirits, there’s an ethereal survival quality that weaves together a life that resembles magical realism.”

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“Creative writing goes beyond what Paula brings to the table. She writes and speaks from triumph, heartbreak and loss with a vulnerability that leaves her readers seen and affirmed. She goes above and beyond to bring her readers and students with her on each journey down her pen. Writers and teachers like Paula are rare. There’s no hiding behind words; they exist on full display.

Joi Donaldson

Let’s make something beautiful together.