What is a PGARTistry writing workshop?

A PGARTistry writing workshop is a creative and/or therapeutic writing process in which participants are guided through writing prompts with the goal of self exploration and discovery. During a workshop, we write and share our writings coupled with positive discussion and strength-based feedback. Paula & The PGARTistry team crafts the workshop’s prompts based on the host’s overall theme. Workshops will always age be appropriate and will attempt to accommodate multiple learning styles, preferences, and options for guests. The best workshops require a quiet & intentional space, prepared participants, and willingness to try something different.

PGARTistry is not affiliated with any religious organizations or political parties. We welcome all races & ethnicities and genders identities & orientations. PGARTistry has the right to refuse working with any group whose beliefs contradict a safe environment or discriminates against others.

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  1. Thank you for posting. I am struggling with the unlearning religon myself. I just can not follow something that teaches…