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Wait, My Body Did What? A True Story

It’s not like me to have missed an entire two months of blogging right? Well, I’ve been a little busy as you probably know from following my Instagram: PGARTistry. I hope you’ve also been enjoying In Other Words, the quick reads written by my friends. Lastly, I’m hoping to have some announcements about the future […]

The Not So Agreeable Woman Who’s Gonna Talk Her Shit by Nicole Simmons

In her own words- “I am a woman, mother and partner learning to live– really live while being the best version of myself. I am a continuous learner who looks within frequently to understand and correct things so I walk in my grace and power at all times. I was born, raised and still inhabit […]

Losing My Religion by Paula Michelle

If you’re from the south or ever been to the south, you’ve heard this phrase before. “You about to make me lose my religion!” It means exactly what it sounds like. All hell is about to break loose! This colloquialism might be gently spewed from the mouth of a 90 year old church mother who’s […]