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Trap Cardio, NPR, & 300 Piece Puzzles: I’m Down For All That

Now that I’ve been a new-mom-again for four months, I’m finding a little balance. Physically, my hormones are leveling out and my body is strong enough to do things again. Mentally, I have a support system in place and know who/ how to turn for help. Kamau (that’s the fiancée, don’t you read my blogs?) […]

Wait, My Body Did What? A True Story

It’s not like me to have missed an entire two months of blogging right? Well, I’ve been a little busy as you probably know from following my Instagram: PGARTistry. I hope you’ve also been enjoying In Other Words, the quick reads written by my friends. Lastly, I’m hoping to have some announcements about the future […]

The Not So Agreeable Woman Who’s Gonna Talk Her Shit by Nicole Simmons

In her own words- “I am a woman, mother and partner learning to live– really live while being the best version of myself. I am a continuous learner who looks within frequently to understand and correct things so I walk in my grace and power at all times. I was born, raised and still inhabit […]