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Trolling Mr. Can’t-Act-Right for Fun and Profit by Alida Harper

Alida Harper is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has performed in stand-up showcases in Virginia, Maryland, DC and North Carolina and is a contributing writer on the Facebook page, Let’s Not Date (@LetsNotDate). She has attended comedy classes at The Second City in Chicago, Illinois and The Coalition Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. A marketing person by day, she has […]

My Mind Is Not Ill, It Is My Ace! by Eric Dugan

Eric Dugan is a Mental Health Professional, Creative Writer, Spoken Word Artist, and Social Justice Activist passionate about spreading the message of love with the power from words and action in the local community. Eric’s knowledge and beliefs were shaped from his own experiences, as well as his educational background that includes a bachelor’s degree […]

No More Being Ignored By Renee Browne

Renee Browne is a long time advocate of silent illnesses and mental health. Using hersinging, spoken word and her writing, she spreads her message of awareness andunderstanding. If you would like to know more, please find her articles online orsupport her through her handmade merchant store where every design is created byher, the artist! Articles: […]