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Happy Ass Tree In My Window

It’s Monday Morning Again!? Episode 2 The window sill to the right of my desk in my home office is barely decorated. But there is a have to finish painting, and oversized Yoda plushie, alive yellow plant that will probably be dead by the end of this week. There’s also a Groot planter with a […]

New Routine, Who Dis?

It’s Monday Morning Again!? Episode 1 This week, I’m forced to build a new routine. It’s for a good reason, I got a new job. But that comes with the tough task of establishing my new normal. That’s always been a little hard for me because once I get a good routine going, I feel […]

The Clunton Family by Paula G. Akinwole

The Clunton family has a secret that requires science & silence to keep. When the burden becomes too much to bear, the family has to decide to risk it all or betray one of their own.