7 Things You Can Start Doing Today To Adult Better in 2019

Adulting! It’s what millennials are calling doing stuff. Yes, I’m a millennial so I know! Adulting creates a euphoric feeling of having done grown-up accomplishment and the satisfaction of a job well done.. Basically, its doing the things we’re supposed to do all the time but manage to get done every now and again. Most of us adult daily. We go to work and maybe arrive on time, we pay our cell phone bill even if with a payment plan, we wash our dishes and hair. You should feel proud. Adulting is hard! But there are some small yet significant things you can start doing today that will make paying that cell phone bill look like child’s play. Here are some tips to adult better!

1. Be honest. Telling a white lie to get out of a situation can sometimes feel like the best decision in a moment’s notice. So you may tell your boss you’re sick or bail on friends by saying the car won’t start. But being a badass adult means being truthful. Tell your boss you’re not coming in today because you have personal things to handle and tell your friend you can’t make it this time but you promise to make it up to them. Don’t litter; own your truth.

2. Be on time. I’ve written articles about this and I preached it to the High Heavens….  BE ON TIME! There are few things more immature than a person who disregards start times. It’s disrespectful, it’s rude, and it’s plain old lazy. And if you can’t be on time ….

3.  Communicate! Answer your phone, respond to a text, reply to the email! Even if just to say that you don’t have an answer yet, always keep open communication with important people about important things.

4. Budget and plan! Your money problems are not just because you don’t have enough, but because you are not spending it well. Be responsible and budget out your spending. Plan to pay those bills, stop eating out, and buy the shoes when they go on sale!

5. Stop Avoiding. You know there’s a conversation you need to have, an apology you need to give, a long overdue something! Why not today? The more you hold off, the more awkward it will be. Just schedule a time and get it done.

6. Start you health journey. There are some health related concerns you have that you should not ignore. Am I right? You’re getting old and parts start to break down. Don’t keep waiting, potentially putting yourself at more risk. Start doing today so you can be here tomorrow.

7. Live in the moment. Some people take pictures of the concert just so they can say they were there. Others have a story to tell cause they experienced it. Put your phone down and live in each moment.

The new year is only a week away. Its not to late to do better. It’s not too early to start. So go out and be an adult. Promise you, you’ll feel better.

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