P’s Advice : Landing The Job Interview

You’d be surprised at how many awful resumes I receive. As the hiring manager, dozens of applications come in and I have to sort through them all in order to pick the best candidate. There are certain things that I am looking for and as my stack shrinks so does my patience!

It really is just sad the number of adults who fail miserably at the interview and resume process. Below are a few quick tips that will make sure your resume makes it past phase one and you actually have a shot at getting that job! By starting here, I’m sure you’ll get the interview!

1. Pay Attention To Detail

… There’s no reason that your resume should have any grammar or spelling errors when Microsoft Word corrects those things for you. Most jobs require some sort of professional communication and if you can’t even communicate on your resume correctly then you’re definitely not getting this job.

But if you happen to notice a mistake later and the interviewer has your resume in their hands , point it out at the interview. By doing so, you let your potential employer know that you are always growing.

2. Follow Instructions

… Often times, employers will ask certain requirements during the application process. That may be anything from submitting a cover letter to sending the resume to a specific email address. To a T, follow those instructions. Don’t be lazy with that cover letter and don’t cut corners. Every resume that comes in without the added requirements will get skipped over every time. No employer wants an employee who can’t follow directions.

3. Keep it Simple

… When an employer has a few dozen resumes in their hand, the last thing they want to do is read through t pages per person. Your resume really should only be one page long. The only employment history should be the things relevant to the position you are applying for. None of the employment listed should be more than 10 years old unless you are at your last job for 10 years. Nobody wants to see 3 month and six month-long assignments. You can always address the gaps in the interview explaining that you were trying out different career paths but now you’re decided.

4. Communicate!

… Make sure the lines of communication are open. If you know your phone is going to be off, then let the employer know the best way to contact you ie: I’m best reached by email. Or, if you received the call back, call back! Email back! Let the potential employer know that you received their efforts and are excited about the opportunity.

5. Do Your Research

… there’s never any reason for you to go into an interview and not know what that company does. You should enter the building knowing the name of the company, the name of the person you’re interviewing with, which floor you’re meeting on. Be prepared.

6. Just a few extra

… Come to the interview with two copies of your resume.

… Map out the route to how you’re going to get there and if they mention parking issues, plan well or take a Lyft.

… Plan your outfit in advance. No sports cap, bookbags, or glitter. Wear comfortable shoes.

… Don’t be on time, be early.

… Practice your interview answers. Confidence is key!

Here are a few articles that will help you further but I promise by taking my advice, you’ll set yourself apart.

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