Single or Taken: Doing Valentine’s Day Right!

Ah Valentine’s Day (in my Sponge Bob opening credits voice)… a holiday of love expressing, love sharing, and love making! For some, it’s a day to shower the one you care about in gifts. For others, it’s a day to eat a pint of icecream shame free. Me however, I take a different approach. And all you woke folks and love haters can learn a thing or two from me.

Look, we know the holiday is rooted is some evil twisted mess ( …… But, so is the entire country!

So why waste a perfectly good day doing it all wrong!?! Single or boo-d, we all kinda hope that someone gets our love language right (fyi, food is my love language!) and shows us a little kindness at minimal on this day of love. So here are some ways to help you enjoy the day:

● Give something. Make a list of the people you love. Not just spouses! Children, parents, friends, mentors. You don’t need to give them anything fancy but just a token of your appreciation. Even a nice card will do. They totally won’t see it coming and are likely to spread the love too after you’ve made their day. I like to go old school and buy little cards from the kids section!

○ Give back. It’s one of the biggest consumer holidays which means the philanthropic works are back burned. Perfect time for you to help those in need. Who doesn’t love a Valentine from a stranger? Make goody bags and give them to the needy. A simple Facebook search can connect you with groups who give back.

● Give Up! (See where I’m going here with the giving!) Don’t waste the day waiting to hear from a bunch of randos who didn’t think enough to call you last week. Give them up and plan something unique for you and your friends. One year, I went out to eat with my then best friend and we super tipped the waiter!

○ Don’t stress it but don’t ignore it either. It’s nothing to get worked up over but being cynical can be a total bummer for those around you who want to love on you! Try having a positive attitude and being happy for people who are celebrating love. You can always “lol” over the cheesy Valentine’s Day proposals that look more like a pregnancy scare cover up (Opps. Slipped into my old ways there!)

My mom did Valentine’s Day super great. Teddy bears and candy and a shout out in the local newspaper. Til this day, I still think of Valentine’s Day as less of a romance holiday and more of an opportunity to share love. And I hope you will too. Cause I love you man!

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