“No Words Type Love” for Keturah & Deon Parker

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their wedding day (2.10.18) and their marriage. It was an honor to share spoken word at your wedding. This poem was written for you; inspired by God. Many blessings & Much love -Paula G.

This is Melodic love. Words dripping from a saxophone onto bass, fixed into a sweet ivory line. The space in which this love exist, is boom-skat, contralto over falsetto. Harmonizing in chords, this love is on tempo, a capella, crescendo, crescendo, crescendo ….

This is Simpatico love. 90’s RnB on a sunny summer day love. An old school flow with new school swag type love. We love in colors. Like boo, your green and blue got me feeling pink and new. Be mellow in mu yellow and let’s purple together. I red you. That’s equal to saying I pray for, over, and into you. You’re the orange to my sun rays, the lavender to my rainy days. We love in watercolor, acrylic, and oil based. Our love in a masterpiece.

This is Meticulous love. Diligent. Scrupulous, Painstakingly punctilious love. It’s methodical, the way I am a perfectionist over you. I love you on purpose, in purpose, with purpose- we’re purposed to be partners, so I’ve partnered up with you on purpose, we purpose partners. We world shakers, atmosphere changers. We originators, creators, prolific activators. We’ve got power in our palms, praise in our prowl, and prayer in our posture. We are powerful!

Our love is a to z awe inspiring and amazing, brilliant and breathtaking, charitable and captivating, distinguished and dominating, exceptional and elevating, feisty and fascinating, God filled and God praising! God all up in, through and over our love, we are God flavored.

When God spoke, he gave power to words and transformed verbs, adjectives, and nouns into a thing of action, understanding, and now. So, when I use words to describe love, this love. That Keturah and Deon type love… I use them intentionally. Knowing exactly what I mean, I use them specifically. Each word full of passion and purpose to express a love that’s full of passion and on purpose. A love that’s in the Image of the one who is Love, a love that is in a word…

Well, there are not enough words to describe this love… except one. Keturah and Deon, I wish you many years of Spirit of the Living God together and may your Jesus be an example to us all. In Love’s name I pray, Amen.

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