For Mike Brown

You are status quo randomized
You are dreams undreamed imagined
You are regular and supernatural
You are a controversy and a cause

Boys like you
Brown boys with secret stories and
Mean the world to us
You do everything they said you wouldn’t and you would
You make us dance
Tip toe thru bits of your life
As not to disturb the peace
But piece together how you
Became the target
Why your chocolate skin shined though dark
How bullets aim for the obvious but land among hidden things
Come’ you don’t have to look to be seen
You got blinkers on your hind
You get birthed with the stars shining right on you
And they don’t fade til you do
And you don’t fade til we do
And they’d have to kill us all
Find each one of our sparkling souls and kill us dead in the street
Even then, the stars I’m certain will realign to illuminate where we were
And how we are
Give our dead bodies the ability to move mountains
To regain each and every peace
Until we piece ourselves back together
And light up the earth again
Kings and Queens and Rulers again
Brown boys who sacrafice so much
Who never intended to be a revolutionary
Became the revolution
As bright as the light of our underground
They’d have to kill themselves to stop us.


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