At This Current Moment…

At this current moment, I’m eating some rainbow sherbet. It’s orange, lime, and raspberry flavored; I believe it’s a healthy alternative to ice cream. I freaking adore ice cream! I’m also listening to In Common by Alicia Keys. I haven’t liked A. Keys since her CD Songs in A Minor but I freaking love this song! I’m twirling my hips as I type “I’m twirling my hips.” (I just went back for a scoop of Sherbet. I aimed for raspberry.) I’m scrolling Facebook, I’m waiting on a phone call, I’m updating my calender as appointments come in, my play-list just switched to Sorry by Beyonce, and my hip twirling just flipped into a full blown bounce!

Did you see that? I did all of that at the same time. There’s a word for that I believe…… multi-freaking-tasking! It’s defined as the handling of more than one task at the same time by a single person.

Like me give you another example to make my point a little clearer: I can walk around town catching Poke’mon while still caring about black lives mattering!

Are you people kidding me? Surely, you didn’t just fuss at me about wasting time by wasting time making a meme or gif about wasting time?

I once read an article that said while it’s possible for a person to multitask, only one of the task if any will be completed to excellence. I agree and I just proved it. I took a break from writing this very paragraph to smack-it-sideways with Beyonce. In that time, obviously I was distracted from my original objective and the article had to wait. That didn’t make my goal of any less important. (Actually, I came back and finished it up.) I simply decided that in that moment, taking a dance break with Bey would be good for my mental health.

Most of us posted and shared videos and articles like crazy when the news of Alton, Philando, and others came to surface. It was a tragic time and it was important that we gathered info and had the discussions. Three days after that, Facebook was dead. People started to take breaks from the constant images of death and brutality. Poke’mon Go! was one of those mental breaks! Even I, in all my troiling, turned off Facebook for a day!

However, that doesn’t mean we forgot. We could never forget. Our skin crawls with reminders every time red, blue and white lights flash in the distance. Our bodies ache from the familiar stares of racism and prejudices. We live the existence of being brown skinned in a supposed post-racial America… where reports of swinging bodies in central parks get written off as suicide and doing nothing is equally as dangerous as doing everything.

I find it almost insulting that one would actually make a fuss that I can’t enjoy a game while being socially aware… as if I’m too undefined to exist in more than one realm of consciousness at a time. I NEED to enjoy a game or a concert or a laugh. I have five brothers, nephews, uncles, and cousins who people think are threats just because. I have skin that can get me killed. My thoughts and prayers of safety for them exhaust me. Screw you for telling me I forgot about the fight we’re in. Even Martin and Malcom took moments to steal away. You’ve pissed me off making me need to write about this. I’m going to go get ice cream and catch a few Poke’mon. 

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