That’s Just My Baby Daddy (Ciara & Future) ie: communicate with your ex!

Man, you’d think the Drake Mills beef would be enough to have ended this week of crazy rich folks drama. But just as this beautiful Sunday is trying to come to a close….the interweb is screaming about silly ol’ Future calling the mother of his child (or her boyfriend, his grammar is rough)… a hoe! And why, you may ask, would he do such a thing… have you been on Facebook at all today? Okay, I’ll tell you. Pictures emerged of Ciara and her son Future Jr. greeting the new boo Russel Wilson at training camp. Yes, he is the quarterback for the Seattle Seahwaks and arguably a come up for the sassy temptress. And not only did they show up with hugs and kisses, but little Future was rocking a matching Jersey to his future step pappi! Future took to Twitter voicing his manly frustrations “Never make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance #umtoobossedup.” Blah blah blah. Guess he still has hope to get her back!

I don’t know about yours but my timeline is divided. There are those like me who see Future’s temper tantrum and want to tell him to SAT DOWN SOMEWHEA! Your son didn’t go hug a strange man. He hugged the man who’s been taking care and time with him and mommy. He hugged his friend (who’s Instagram is covered with pictures of him hugging sick children in the hospital I might add). Now I can’t comment on Future and Future Jr. relationship too much but Big Future’s Instagram looks like he loves himself and his jewelry most…….

The other half of my timeline is mostly men fussing. Loosely quoted ‘ain’t no other man gone be hugging up on my son.” Cause everyone knows a hug means daddy has been replaced, mommy has moved on and I’m about to change my Jr. (Sarcasm! In this case however….) But seriously fellas, once you and the lady have transitioned from committed relationship to co-parenting, maturity needs to kick in quickly because it won’t take long before she finds another. Don’t stone me ladies, but I’m perfectly okay with a man requesting a few grounds rules about introducing his child to your new partner. (Especially being that you’ll have those same rules about him introducing your child to his rotating door.) There should be some sort of communication about who the child is introduced to and how. Just like you wouldn’t want any ol’ person babysitting, you should be mindful of the representation your child has of the adults you keep company with. It’s not so bad at an early age I suppose because everyone is “brand new” in a sense. However, as your child gets older, they will notice that you stay with a different boo and will learn those same traits from you or resent you for being so messy.

In the case of Future and Ciara, Future knew about the relationship between his ex and Russell. He shouldn’t have reacted so harshly or online. He has her cell phone number. He could have called “I’m looking for her. Is that her in the VIP line?” and settled the issue, if any, like adults. But for us not so rich and spotlighted, communicate with your ex. It might feel unneccessary but it’s not something you want to leave to chance either. You wouldn’t want your ex giving your child a step parent without your knowledge would you? Give them the courtesy of having that discussion. Or for lack of better words, don’t call you ex a hoe where you kid can see it! Dang Future!

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