Happy Ass Tree In My Window

It’s Monday Morning Again!? Episode 2

The window sill to the right of my desk in my home office is barely decorated. But there is a have to finish painting, and oversized Yoda plushie, alive yellow plant that will probably be dead by the end of this week. There’s also a Groot planter with a dead flower inside. And then one dancing plastic plant. It’s the kind that charges in the sunlight and dances all day. My husband got it for me last week. To think of it, everything in that window sill is something he’s purchased for me. It’s nice.

That happy ash tree has been dancing in my window for a few days now. If you left him closely, it’s plastic leaves are tapping against the pink pot it’s in and it’s repetitive. That blue flower has no other responsibility but to sit in the sun, absorb its energy, and dance. I think I’ll take a note from the plant this week. I feel sick today and I have a house full of family. Yes, my in-laws don’t go home on Sunday night LOL. But like this plant, I’m going to take some time to nourish myself, absorb the energy from the sources around me, and get to work.

Maybe we all be as happy as the happy ass plant in my window sill.

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