New Routine, Who Dis?

It’s Monday Morning Again!? Episode 1

This week, I’m forced to build a new routine. It’s for a good reason, I got a new job. But that comes with the tough task of establishing my new normal. That’s always been a little hard for me because once I get a good routine going, I feel like superwoman. I overcome the kryptonite of ADHD and even make my endocrinologist happy with my food choices. I check off my to do list like a boss and my whole family manages to be happy. But because of this new gig and my hours changing, I’ll have to readjust my routine and that comes with.. some trial and error. Knowing me, at some point I’m going to arrive somewhere late. I’ll probably forget to eat and snack on junk food. The dirty and clean clothes will sit so long that I’ll forget which basket is which. And my family will probably see me wig out once to many. Que husband giving me the f-it-all speech!

This new routine though, this new normal promises so much potential that I’m dedicated to making it work. I’m going to plan, adapt, and give myself grace. Plan to succeed, adapt to the things that change, and give myself grace if I don’t get it perfect. Because I think I’m finally starting to learn that perfect is boring and I am so much better when I roll with my wild and extraordinary life.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
– Maya Angelou

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