November 2020… Happy New Year, right? #annoucments #vote #doyouboo

Hey followers and readers!

Can you believe it’s November 2020? This year has been crazy. I don’t have to recount them all, you know it! But for a refresher… Fires, Viruses, Biblical Plagues, Civil Unrest & Unjustice and Unexpected deaths (lots of them.) We also had Tiger King, Lovecraft Country and This is Us is back so TV is cool, I guess. But overall, we’re looking forward to 2020 being over. What was it pastor said at New Years Eve service, 2020: The Year of Clearer Vision? I suppose, they were sorta right. But I didn’t see any of this shit coming!

Commercial Break!

Before I jump into the new year, a few personal updates: I lost 40 pounds! I was eating right and kicking ass.. well, now I’m knocked up! Yup, Mr. Mu Cuzzo and I are having a baby in 2021! If you knew before reading this article, “yay you” for following the clues lol. It’s gonna be a wild ride! I also recently moved my 21 year old brother in with us. It’s been challenging due to his mental health concerns and our varying experiences with our father’s death but I’m learning patience, practice, and perseverance. Lastly, while I didn’t post any articles in October, I was very blessed to be booked and busy with events all over the country but from the comfort of my coach including the release of Unspoken: Writers on Infertility, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth. So come November, there will be a new column: In Other Words. It will be a featured section from my friends and colleagues that will be bite sized but jam packed. Also, “Parables and The Gold Plates Things” and “Under” my last two poetry chapbooks have been edited, updated and are being rereleased. Babies are expensive so I’m looking forward to your support.

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming!

Ya know, we aren’t waiting for December 31st for the big countdown. It’s happening right now. November 3rd aka Election Day is like Groundhog’s Day for the United States. Will we get four more years of a bitter cold cruel racist deadly country with Trump? Or will get… well we don’t exactly what we’d get with Biden but at least it’s not Trump and at least we get Kamala. It’s bad enough Serena Joy Waterford, I mean Amy Coney Barrett is the newest Supreme Court Justice! Stock up on your vagina supplies folks cause if she gets it her way, we’ll all be handmaids and slaves. The literal fate of the lives of our loved one’s are in the decisions these people make. No matter how much we attempt to live off of the grid or in our own freedoms, the people in power are able to determine just how comfortable, affordable, and long our lives will be. How awful!

So, don’t forget to vote! You already know why? Because our ancestors could not! Because racist white folks and pandering ass black folks are! Because in order to DOYOUBOO, you have got to do your part.

I’m taking the rest of the year off… I think. There will still be plenty of articles to read. So keep an eye open and out, make sure you’re following the FB page and I’ll see you in 2021… Hopefully with smiles on our faces! xoxo

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