Interview with Paula G. – SoundCloud

In a cute little apartment in Richmond Virginia, Paula Gillison sits on the opposite end of her brown leather couch. Her hair is in a cute twisted bun and she has on minimal makeup… but she’s glowing! She is dressed simply in a slouchy black tee that shows off her new tattoo and a pair of faded blue jeans. Fingers covered in costume jewelry and her oversized earrings rest on her shoulder; we’re both sipping coffee. She admits to me that her boyfriend made the drink because she doesn’t know how. The windows are open and the light is shining in. It’s been 2 years since the last time I interviewed her. We catch up a bit and dive right in….

Listen to Interview with Artist Paula G. by Paula G. #np on #SoundCloud

That was my interview with writer, poet, blogger, artist, designer… Paula Gillison. As I leave out of her apartment, she ask me if she can give me a hug. I oblige and mid way, I tear up. I realize that Paula is just trying to give what she has no matter how little that is. It’s a trait I too can use. I hug her back.

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Letters To Our Daughter:

“In the Crowd”
There are too many people packed up in here. I can’t hardly move but I don’t really mind. Cause we’re celebrating! My beautiful baby cousin is graduating high school, all the ladies- 3 generations strong- came dressed to the nines and we are celebrating her womanhood! Cap and gowns everywhere but… you see my dress? It fits me just right and my hair is so bouncy and tall, I look damn good! I betchu’ I stand out. Last time I was here, at my own graduation, I didn’t look so good. Didn’t feel it either. It took me a long time to find confidence in my voluptuous frame with my over-sized breast, my thick thighs and these less than perfect teeth. So, while some people might be bothered by this crowd, not me. I look good and I’m comfortable in my own skin even with all these people around… Wait, did somebody just grab my ass? Fuck, someone just pinched my whole ass. They pinched me so hard my ears are ringing, and my eyes are watering. I’m in pain and people can see me. Who touched me like that? Which one of you ungrateful bastards touched my ass? Don’t you know you supposed to ask? You can’t just touch a girl like that! Do you know how long it took me to convince myself that I’m comfortable here and now I’m shaking like a little girl who ain’t never been touched before. I feel violated. Like someone found a hidden piece of thread on my dress and pulled at me; just unraveled the whole thing. Now I’m in this crowd naked. How you just undo me like that? My mama was right. Might be wrong… but who gone respect your soul when all they see is your body

(hover over Richmond, VA and click on the 3rd essay entitled “It’s Packed In Here”)

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