Interview with Paula G. – SoundCloud

In a cute little apartment in Richmond Virginia, Paula Gillison sits on the opposite end of her brown leather couch. Her hair is in a cute twisted bun and she has on minimal makeup… but she’s glowing! She is dressed simply in a slouchy black tee that shows off her new tattoo and a pair of faded blue jeans. Fingers covered in costume jewelry and her oversized earrings rest on her shoulder;  we’re both sipping coffee. She admits to me that her boyfriend made the drink because she doesn’t know how. The windows are open and the light is shining in. It’s been 2 years since the last time I interviewed her. We catch up a bit and dive right in….

Listen to Interview with Artist Paula G. by Paula G. #np on #SoundCloud

That was my interview with writer, poet, blogger, artist, designer… Paula Gillison. As I leave out of her apartment, she ask me if she can give me a hug. I oblige and mid way, I tear up. I realize that Paula is just trying to give what she has no matter how little that is. It’s a trait I too can use. I hug her back.

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