Level Up (a poem about commitment)


I came home to find you were on level 13
And your were damn proud
Said you had killed 400 assassins,
Imprisoned 7 mafia bosses
And was working on kidnapping the kingpins daughter
You smiled, ear to controller
Blew me a kiss across the room
It cost me sixty-four ninety-nine
to get that reaction from you

I often wonder how you level up so fast.
We went on our first date fourteen hours after meeting
You were between my legs by day two
You had my heart within a week
And my life has been part of your game play ever since
You know my combination
Up right and press B – hold back left key
I hate to think you’ve got a cheat sheet
For me

You warned me you had commitment issues
Said that the easy things in life came with a manual
And I had too many secret levels
Too many hidden combinations
That I wasn’t compatible with your new gaming system

You told me you had commitment issues
But I watched you position yourself in front of that video game this morning                   and you survived every challenge it brought your way.                                                          Seems you’re good at commitment.                                                                                                   You’re just having a hard time committing to me.


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