I Snap: A poem about God

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I snap

two fingers dancing

applied pressure

wrist in motion and wishful thinking

I snap

cause a clap is too loud

when the words are being whispered

when I can’t ask Him to raise his voice

when His voice is whispered cause I was clapping

I snap

make the sound of revelation

right between my fingers

I snap when I’m trying to focus

snap when I want you to I feel it

oh snap cause I get it

snap on you when you tripping

snap for you when you do

Poets aren’t snapping to be different

we know we are

We ain’t snapping for the fame

we know we stars

We know we constellations in God’s infinite sky

We know we prophets with prose and poems are like a third eye

We snapping cause we listening

God’s rhema ain’t got no text

We snapping cause we don’t want to miss what God’s about to say next

The first thing God showed Adam was the beauty of creation

and then He gave him the power of creating

And in his image He made us and here’s the revelation

the creator gave the creature the creation from where he was created

And we snap for the dope lines

God’s very presence on earth is like dope rhyme

Sending Jesus to creation was God’s epic free verse ode

God’s love is the narrative and we’re the contrapuntal prose

God’s breath is a ballad and his imagery is a pantoum

He makes miracles of words like 5 cacophonies and 2 haikus

He’s alliteration personified, consonance oxidized

the enjambment of creation

for my metonymy He lived and died

Turning similes into sonnets like water into wine

My God gets 2 snaps cause He’s the great poet of all time

I snap

two fingers dancing

applied pressure

wrist in motion and wishful thinking

I snap

for God and God snaps over me

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