10 Useful Tips for Men to Not Get Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Fellas, I know that it must be stressful living in a society where every day -one or another of you- is outed for sexually harassing women. On the news and social outlets, we keep reading story after story of men who’ve been fired or had to step down from their job because of some woman telling the world the truth about what was done to her.

And that scares you, I know.

Nobody wants to be accused of anything, even if they did it! Here are my 10 tips for helping you not get accused of sexual harassment.

  1. Keep

  2. Your

  3. Hands

    (hands that touch without permission, objects that reach, breathe too close to my neck, etc)
  4. And

  5. Other

  6. Parts

    (This includes your mouth saying inappropriate and unwelcomed things)
  7. To

  8. Your

  9. DAMN

  10. Self

 It’s quite simple.

You won’t get accused of sexual harassment …

 if you don’t sexually harass.

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