The Future “What” Tour? A Short Review

A candid review of “The Future Wife Tour: An Intimate Evening with Ace Metaphor”


“Paula? Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your experience  on the eve of Sunday August 20th 2017?”

….. As much as it pains me, Yes!

(Background music: Location by Khalid on my Sensual Sitting playlist)

Honestly, a few months ago when my friend DeeGee  sent me the link to this event, I looked at her like she was crazy, right thru the computer screen. Ain’t no way I’m going to an event with a bunch of lonely women where some dude gone tell me everything I’m doing wrong when it comes to dating. Hell, I know what I’m doing wrong. I’m pretty sure I just denied the request which is why on that Sunday morning, when my homie/auntie/boo Tarah Jay said she had a ticket to this event for me, I had forgotten all about it. But I agreed to go …. for three reasons.

Reason 1: I wanted to spend time with my homie/ auntie/ boo. I missed her.

Reason 2: I’m nosy and I couldn’t pass up a chance to see this all go down. (Had no intention of writing a review when I agreed to go.)

Reason 3: One of the dudes in the pic for the flyer was mad sexy and well… you know!

Background. Ace Metaphor, is a nurse by day and poet, author, public speaker by night. Author of  The Future Wife Handbook, his notoriety among women comes from his online videos and fun-light hearted personality which is both genuine and contagious. The tour takes up his weekends and he flies back home every week. Joining him for the event are two other poets, a traveling photographer, a DJ, and a slew of background crew. Overall, the team have been jumping state to state wooing women who are interested in someday being wifey.

The Event. In the small yet popular Firehouse Theater on Broad St. in the heart of Richmond, VA, the room fills with well primped women of every age wearing natural fluffies and every style shoe you’d imagine in a millennials closet. There’s wine and sugared nuts for sale and a pleasant host who gives us our first taste of the gentlemen’s we are about to encounter. DJ Major Key is lacing the walls of the room and the rhythm in our hips with a set so melodic, I’d think I made it myself 😉 The show starts (check this) ON TIME! YAAAAAAS! Point for professionalism! (No points for Richmond showing up as much as an hour late. Yall wack for interrupting like that.)

The Show. So check it, Ace impresses me immediately. He starts the show with a poem (don’t be mad but I really didn’t get any line quotes) and I realize this guy isn’t just cute but he’s talented. From there, he takes his first question from the audience. A girl in the front row starts the show off with the only question I probably would have asked had I needed to, “If I’m celibate, what can I expect from dudes?” (something like that).

What was displayed from Ace Metaphor in that moment made me bite my tongue and drop my jaw. Still on the edge of my seat expecting to suck my teeth and roll my eyes in a manner usually reserved for Steve Harvey, I was met with a well informed, diplomatic, and compassionate man who’s advice to women was riddled with a clear understanding and study of those he sought to help. Ace? Your momma, your sister, you auntie? Who taught you how to be so gentle? He greeted each woman with respect and though he was the advice giver, he wasn’t a smug guru but a homie with the wisdom and experience to kick the knowledge he was full of. He didn’t comment on big butts or revealing clothes. Even the time he took to dance with women wasn’t indicative of any preference or ulterior motive; he just genuinely created the platform to have the conversation: You wanna be a wife someday? Let’s talk about that!


The other two poets were equally entertaining and endearing. First, Jay Martinez (I peeped the wedding ring) spit words so dashingly that I, as a poet, could appreciate the artistry behind them. He touched on issues concerning not just women but the world today and provided a sense of pride for the listener. It, though possibly unintentional, is a most excellent way of building the esteem of persons who might have been struggling with unwise relationship choices prior to arriving. I was intrigued by every word and his metaphors were original and refreshing.


Next was my cup of tea. (The cutie I wanted to see) Poet, rapper, and educator Tripp Fontane gave me the theatrics I, as a production manger, admired. Entering from behind, he opens up his set his a deep voice and a smile that would make any girl feel a little weak. Standing about upward of 6’2, he was rocking the bald head and the over-sized beard (wait, I’m supposed to talk about the show.. okay, back on track.) The guy had a way with words that made me wonder how I hadn’t heard of him before. He told his story being both vulnerable and winsome allowing the audience to learn and to be captivated. His sensuality coupled with playful banter provided a comfortablity that isn’t often found in speaker’s. It was both inviting and admirable.


END. The show ended with Ace answering more questions in the most debonair yet playfully fun way. The ladies clearly trusted his advice and he delivered it with the gentleness of a loving best friend. He met and took pictures with each guest and created an atmosphere that fostered friendship and community among the audience. He urged us all to interact and encourage each other which took away any rivalry women usually create and we were able to simply enjoy the feminine energy.

After the show, I gave my info to the fellas and even got to spit a few lines for Tripp. (He smelled sooooo good!) I’m a networker and pretty early on in the show, I knew I wanted to write a review and connect with these talented men. They’ve got something special happening in that intimate atmosphere and it’s gonna take off like wildfire.

I personally learned something that I’m gonna apply to myself but that’s a story for another day on another blog.

Overall, I give this show a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would have liked to hear more poetry from Ace. Also, the question and answer portion could have been secondary to some universal information that everyone can benefit from rather than a key element of the show.

(Below, I’m to the left of pink dress.)


Overall, I suggest you go see this show when it gets to your town. Men and women! There’s something to be learned from Ace Metahpor. 

Ace Metahpor:

Jay Martinez: IG @ @jaynwknj

Tripp Fontane: IG @ trippfontane


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