Cup of Tea (Poem inspired by “You So Dumb” by Tank & The Bangas)

I’m two cubes of sugar when you take it with three

I’m not your cup of tea

You can tell me, my heart on my sleeve

I’m not convenience

I’m glass wear from dusty pantry shelves

Not a paper cup with a cardboard sleeve

Not packaged mesh baggies

I’m loose leaf

No tap water

I’m purified from silver springs

You can’t microwave me

You gonna need a fire and the energy

I’m not coffee either

Dairy churns and black is nice

I’m worth the wait if you want me iced

You gave me your lips once 

Used me like I was lipton

Tried to water me down 

Said you prefer camomile 

Or sleepy time

Anything with less work 

Than I

Maybe you want that old thang back

Something Starbucks 

That manufactured crap

That buy one get one free

That cheaper brand

That’s not me

I’m okay if you’re not thirsty anymore 

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea

Not everyone’s cup of thigh

Cup of weight

Cup of 2 biscuits on a plate

Not everyone’s cup of effort

Or cup of you can’t wait for me to brew

You prefer that keurig love

Not everyone’s cup of melanin 

Or cup of 4c natural coils

Cup of I see a therapist on weekends

Cup of I put my trust in the Lord

I tried being basic for you

Tried to hold myself in so you could swallow me in doses

Tried being minute and ready

Broccoli cilantro chive mint nasty tea

A cup of weak potion leaves

You don’t have to love me after you thought you liked me

Nor everyone’s cup of poetry

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea


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