Fun Ways to Celebrate July 4th for Black People!


Before I tell you the FUN ways to celebrate, let me give your some background:

Independence Day aka July 4th is the United States federal holiday that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The 13 colonies of America had freed themselves from the rule of the British Empire and were a new nation! There were roughly 2.5 million people living in America at that time.

I can see them now, in 1776 with their man stockings, umbrellas, and walking canes. They’re jumping and shouting and celebrating the victory. A feast would be needed. Refrigeration nor canning had been invented yet so someone would need to kill, harvest, and prepare everything fresh for the whole town. But who? They couldn’t possibly stop jumping and shouting to do it themselves. Oh that’s right! 20% of the population are  still slaves taken from the Africa’s and well, they aren’t free and this isn’t their holiday so they shouldn’t mind working extra hard so the colonies can party. And they did, for another 85- 87 years until June 19th 1865, cause July 4th’s freedom wasn’t for them.

Fun Fact: July 4th was technically July 2nd. It took 2 days for the word to spread officially. AND June 19th 1865 was actually January 1st 1863. It took 2 years for all the slaves to get the word officially. Interesting how that worked!

Now on to the celebration!

Today, July 4th is celebrated with fireworks, concerts, cook outs, parades, baseball games and fashion forward versions of the modern-day red, white, and blue flag. Most folks have the day off from work and want to enjoy it! So do I! I like fireworks and burnt hotdogs!

So what’s a fun way to celebrate July 4th for black people?


There’s not a fun thing about it. We were still slaves!

However, I’m totally down for spending time with your family and enjoying the day not working! Have a cookout if you want. Celebrate survival and do the opposite of what your ancestors were forced to do! Sit the children down andd teach them honest history! Make this day about empowerment, not assimilation.

And for goodness sake…..


I’m talking to you Uncle Cleetus!

It’s disrespectful af!



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