I’m On The Way: Commentary about CP Time


CP Time is a phrase used to describe the acceptable lateness associated with black people and their events. Colored people time, if I could guess, originated shortly after slavery, when black people took their time getting from one place to the other because we could now.


Being late is one of the worst habitual traits a person can have. Lateness can easily indicate a person’s inability to organize effectively, be detailed-oriented, and even how much care or consideration is given to the people involved.

It’s plain ol’ disrespectful to show up late to an event that the planner has put major effort into. Or even worst, an event that has a strict schedule. Hours, energy, and even money is put into things starting on time. Many wonderful opportunitiesare missed when timeliness is not apart of your routine.

I understand that there are exceptions like being fashionably late or being the guest of honor. But there are other times where your tardiness is a slap in the face to the host.

Let me help you.

When it’s okay to be late:

  • When you have a slew of children or a newborn. We understand. But consider that you may be given limited options.
  • When you’ve advised the host in advance so that they can plan accordingly. (At least 24 hrs. would be nice.)
  • When your health requires otherwise. (And even then, it’s considerate to give the host an advanced notice.)

When it’s not okay to be late:

  • Weddings. You shouldn’t be walking in after the wedding party.
  • Surprises Parties because you will almost always ruin the surprise.
  • Work (duh? You want that paycheck on time huh?)
  • Church. It’s like interrupting meditation.
  • Banquets or speciality events that require seating arrangements.
  • Anything that required an RSVP. You aint the guest of honor!
  • When someone else is waiting on you….

I understand that it’s not always easy to be on time even with all the high class tech of today (sarcasm)

Tips to Getting There on Time!!!!!

1. Know the details.

  • What is the event and how much planning does it require? Don’t wait til the last-minute to plan your outfit. I like to try things on the day before so I’m not destroying my closet the day of. I consider my hair, nails, etc all before the event. Also, plan time to get this all done. Always overestimate!
  • When do I need to be there and where am I going? Plan to be early. If the event starts at 8, I tell myself 7:30. I also check GPS to confirm the exact time of arrival and location. Give yourself room to allow for traffic, allow for a Wawa run or allow time for “Oh snap, I forgot to get a gift.”

2. Utilize technology and set reminders. Connect Facebook, your Google calender, your phone apps, the event page… synch it all. Dont’ let yourself forget. I like to set 3 reminders

• “Start getting ready!”

• “Wrap it up!”

• “Okay, you’re done! Go! Go! Go!”

3. Don’t get distracted. When you’re getting ready, don’t watch the tv episode you missed last night. Don’t meal prep, don’t read a book. Don’t flirt with bae! Just go thru the steps of getting ready. ALSO: Put your phone away and definitely don’t take it into the bathroom. No need to get distracted by a video of a laughing baby.

So as you see, with a little effort: Lateness can be Avoided.

Why miss the opening cocktail at a wedding or the choir march in at church or risk the good surprise being wasted on you? (Adam Sandler Movie Reference!) But if none of that matters, at least consider your loved ones and how they must feel when you dont’ care enough to be on time!

Don’t be the friend everyone has to lie to because they know you’ll be an hour late.

PS : A house party or cookout is an expection to the rules. Avoid being on time to those. The host doesn’t want you showing up when the meatballs aren’t even rolled. Unless you’re the one bringing the meatballs, then BE ON TIME!

PPS: If you are the event host, it’s is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable for you to be late! If the event is free, it’s can start a 1/2 hr late at most! If I paid, it should start on time. The host however, ought to always be at least an hour early! If your guest get there before you, you owe me a drink! Or my time back!

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