The Better. A Sunday Series – 4.9.23: “Not Everybody is Your Audience.”

The Better. A Sunday Series


“Not Everybody is Your Audience” by Paula G. Akinwole

I’ve taken a few business classes over the years so that I could be a better entrepreneur and the one lesson that has always stood out for me is this: Not everybody is your audience. It simply means that not everyone will like the product you produce. Furthermore, it’s a reminder to stay true to yourself and your work because it is meant for who it’s meant for. 

Recently, I got a reminder of that very message. I reached out to a local business owner via email to have a conversation about partnering with them. They told me “we are only booking national acts.” Oh well, I thought…. but then I read on. “Though I would love to work with you my experience tells me we won’t sell 30 tickets to the event and we both lose money. The only way I would do it is if we are guaranteed $3,000 for the night.” I think I read that comment over and over again. Was I tripping? Maybe this person felt comfortable speaking to me this cavalierly because they know my husband. But I couldn’t help but feel disrespected. Where were these assumptions coming from? Why deny my offer to meet and learn more about the options? Who do you think you are?

I quickly remember though, Not everybody is your Audience!” This business owner was making it clear that he felt I was just too small a business to work with. It’s not the first or last time I will be discounted in this way. I’ve had businesses lie on my name, steal my money and ideas, and even accuse me of awful things. But I’ve also had business take a chance on me and give me contracts that could have been given to bigger names. 

The lesson is clear: whether in business, relationships, opportunities, or etc… not everybody is your audience. Or you may have heard it said like this “It ain’t my cup of tea!” And that’s fine because it might not be yours either. As the church says “What God has for me is for me” and we shouldn’t waste another second with people who don’t believe in you, support you, see your, or don’t want to make room for you. Better yet, you don’t ask for room… you just take up space

Oh, what happened next with that business owner…

I tried to respond respectfully. “Business is Business” I said but I couldn’t help myself! I gave him a little piece of my mind in the form of knowledge about how I knew without a doubt I could produce more than 30 tickets and would damn well succeed. I ended by saying “I’m encouraged now to prove you wrong.” Unfortunately the conversation didn’t end there and we went back and forth a few times before I shut it down making it clear I was no longer interested in working with them. I might not be their audience but I look forward to the day when they are sitting in mine regretting having discounted me. 

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