13 Questions to Start The Journey

As I say during my writing workshops, the first step to healing from the past and making a change in your life is to acknowledge the truth. It’s not easy to stop lying to yourself or about yourself. But I know first-hand that once you have a clear understanding of who you are, why you are, and what you are you will begin to make choices that encourage the success of your life’s outcome and put you on the path to where you want to be.

Below are 3 sets of questions about your happiness, your failures, and your desires. This is a great starting point for those needed internal conversations. When you engage in that required dialogue, you usher in the mindset and understanding that lends to changing your life.

Before you answer the first question, I want you to remember that this is for you and you alone! No one has to see these answers so you can be brutal with yourself. You can also be gentle and forgiving. There are no right answers, only the truth. Recognize that yesterday’s answer might not be today’s and you might feel differently tomorrow. So take a moment and do some deep breathing and then when you’re ready, dive in. If at any point, the question stumps you, just shoot me a message to paula@lackofbetter.com


1. Am I happy? (yes or no)

2. What am I happy about?

3. What am I unhappy about?

4. When do I feel most accomplished

5. What can I do differently right now to make me happy?


1. What am I afraid of?

2. What evidence do I have that validates my fears?

3. What would need to change so that I am no longer afraid but instead, brave?


1. What do I want?

2. What is preventing me from having what I want?

3. Where is what I want?

4. Who do I know that has what I want?

5. What are the steps to getting what I want?

Some of these may have been easy to answer. Some a little harder. Some required thinking outside of the box. Don’t forget, you can send me a message if you need help (but I’m not a therapist.) Did you notice anything about yourself? Maye your fear and your happiness are connected. Maybe there is something tangible you can do to move towards your desires. Maybe your fears are valid and you have to learn to be brave. Whatever it may be, my hope is that you now have a little more clarity and truth. Now that you know, you can start the journey!

-Paula Michelle

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