King Size Bed: The Revelation

I have a king size bed. Because of its size I cannot use a full, twin, or queen bed sheet set. The sheets, the sham, and the blankets must all be king size in order to comfortably fit the bed.

When I first moved out of my old place, I had a queen size. Then I downgraded to a full size because my tiny space wouldn’t accommodate some of the things I was used to. I was able to use the sheets and blankets from my queen size bed on my full size bed because even though they were too big, at least they weren’t too small.

But when I finally got my king size bed, I had to buy all new everything. New sheets and blankets! The ones from the old beddidn’t fit the new bed and the only way I could rest comfortably, was to make the investment and buy new bed linens. I even had to buy more pillows.

So as I’m typing this, I’m currently laying comfortably in my giant bed. I tend to curl up in the far left corner, snuggle up at the edge, and sleep as if I am still in a full size. There’s so much space, that sometimes the other side of my bed becomes a work station. There are clothes, books, paperwork, art supplies, etc. So much so, that from a distance, it looks like I only have a full size bed.

The reason I’m saying all of this is because just a few moments ago, as I was snuggled up in my far left corner, in a half sleepy maneuver, I almost fell off of the bed. Oh no, that’s not the worst part. I rolled to the right which means I was still on the bed with plenty of space. But because I’m not used to it, I thought I was about to fall. I actually flailed, gasped and tried to catch myself. I feel so stupid.

But catch this revelation.

How many times in our lives has God given us more and we haven’t utilized it? Maybe God wants to bless us with something else and we’re still trying to hold on to the old. We are so comfortable with our old that even the experience of the new terrifies us.

Recognize that the old things will not stretch to accommodate the new. There is no place for a full size blanket on a king size bed. Further more, a king size blanket is wasted on a queen size bed.

Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve accepted the new and improved things in your life, but you’re using them all wrong! Instead of stretching your limbs and enjoying all of your space, you fill it with tasks and more problems so you don’t have to accept that things have changed. So much so that the people around you can’t even recognize that you have space to grow. They just simply see the mess you’ve created for yourself.

I encourage you to take inventory of what you have and make sure you’re using it to the best of your ability. God wants to give you more and when he does you will have to be able to let go of the old and make an investment into the new.

Don’t get caught flailing at nothing. Utilize what God has given you. Who knows, maybe a California King is in your future.


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