HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!!!!! (A gif story)

Happy Birthday

“For Lack of Better Words.”

This blog was born one year ago today!

So here is a birth gif story!

Image result for happy birthday meme

It all started with a pint of sherbet

and a annoying desire to be doing more!

Image result for sherbet gif

For about a week, I was posting consistently …

Image result for computer gif

… and getting real traction!

Image result for status update gif

But then I lost my inspiration!

Image result for inspiration gif

People were upset about my lack of progress.

Image result for sherbet gif

But I was just on a different path.

Image result for driving gif

During that time, I stayed a hermit so I could finish my book

Image result for book gif

And did some really fun things with my poetry and performance.

Image result for poetry gif

Once I was ready, I came back with a vengeance!

Image result for beyonce gif

Though the blog struggled, it eventually landed on it’s feet.

Image result for drag race gif season 9

And now, I feel great!

Image result for nene leakes gif

So Happy 1st Year!

And Let’s have many many more!

Image result for DANCE gifImage result for DANCE gifImage result for DANCE gif



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