Managing Emotional Overloads

9a9bbfebbcca73362417de697f341398I’m no expert but when it comes to managing emotions but I think I’ve got a little insight. I’ll keep it brief. Below are my 5 tips to handling emotional overloads.

  1. Acknowledge: The biggest failures people experience when dealing with an emotional overload is not acknowledging what it is. The situation has effected your feels. Don’t walk around blaming your lows on PMS or waking up on the wrong side of bed. You’re in your feelings and that’s real. There is an actual something that has contributed to your abnormal emotional reaction. Unless you acknowledge that you feel “off,” you won’t be able to get back on.
  2. Be Honest: Now that you know there is a concern, be honest about it.  Tell the people/ persons involved that you feel “some -type-a-way.” Don’t be silent just because they may not respect it. And if they don’t respect it, call them out on being a crappy human for not being more sensitive to your emotional needs.  Even if you don’t know exactly what is bothering you yet but there’s no need to lie about it.

3. Make Moves: Sometimes, we can push pass the emotional; put on a brave face while you can and cry in the bathroom later. Other times, you’re likely to punch anybody who gets too close. Which ever way your emotions are acting out, move on it. Call out of work if you have to, cancel events you planned to attend, etc. Don’t put yourself in a situation to smack folks or cry at the office meeting. Breath, meditate, etc.

4. Be Safe: Take the appropriate time to handle your emotions in a safe and healthy way. Eating every flavor of ice cream at Mr. Peanuts or chasing the worm at the bottom of the glass ain’t going to make you feel better tomorrow. You also don’t have to see a shrink just because people suggest it. Eventually, you might need serious help. But sometimes, binge watching OITNB will help or treating yourself to a bad movie or even just sleeping a few hours then longer. But once that’s done, repeat steps 1-3.

5. Squash the ANTS: Automatic Negative Thoughts are literally like a hoard (hoard, swam, community?) of ants that sneak into your mind out of nowhere. I’ll tell you a secret: IT’S A LIE! The thought is a lie sent to confuse, abuse, and misuse you. You’re not WHAT the ANT says, you’re not WHO the ANT says, and DON’T Do what the ANT says. Even in the worst of it all, you’re still worthy of love and strong enough to give every week it’s best shot!

Disclaimer: This isn’t medical advice for anybody and definitely not those dealing with extreme depression. This is how I deal with the day to day nuances that try to throw me off my entire game. Feel free to ask any questions, I practice # 2 a lot!

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