The Commencement

If you asked me how this would go, this being me committing to daily blogging, I could give you a richly profound answer. I suppose this crafting of words, logic and intellect could all be boiled down to one simple truth: I bullshit. Yeah, I can easily slice answers out of my vast know-how and produce reasoning and explanation to appease your request. I could lie. I mean I can tell a really good lie and steal and cheat with the worst of them. Anything other than the response I give you would require some truth and with truth comes vulnerability. You won’t catch me slipping. But that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to committee to writing things and saying things with truth. I suppose anywhere worth going in life is only worth going if you know how you got there.
– Paisley

I suppose I approve of what I’ve written -Paisley

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