Coming Soon… In Other Words

What Is this

I often brag about the very talented and multifaceted people I know. IE: My friends are the dopest. Writers, comedians, dancers, entrepreneurs, etc. I am constantly in awe of the opinions and knowledge I am able to gather from them and now, I wanna share that with you. Trust me, these tiny TED talks on paper (yes, that’s what I’m personally calling them) are gonna be a read worth your time and possibly… probably, change your mind. In Other Words… it’s what you wish someone would say to you.

Then what

Expect twice a month reads (4 times for the first month, cause it’s the Holidays!) and a variety of dope people you’ve heard of or wish you’ve heard of. Yes, the artist are getting paid and there will definitely be other ways to support them. In the mean time, make sure you’re subscribed Lack Of Better Words so you don’t miss one!

PS: “In Other Words…” is by invite only! (Flattered that people are already reaching out to be a part though!) Stay connected and maybe I’ll invite you one day!

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