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PAULA MICHELLE GILLISON is a poet and storyteller with a passion for grief recovery and personal exploration through art. Her work has been published and produced for stage by The Billie Holiday Theater & You Had Me At Black Storytellers. As a poet, she works closely with world renowned organizations such as The Writer’s Den & Tuesday Verses and has been slamming and open mic-ing throughout the south. When not painting or trying her hand at a DIY, Paula spews her thoughts and art onto her blog “For Lack Of Better Words” in which she contends with her past to make sense of the present and embrace the future. She is the author of poetry chapbooks “Under” and “Parables & The Gold Plated Things.” and is currently working on a book of short stories. From a big ol’ southern family with a deeply disconnected past, Paula’s goal is to help people connect to their truth by discovering it for themselves. All her art is dedicated to the memory of her son, Emmanuel Langston Gillison.



IG: & FB @PGARTistry

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