Guest Storyteller Features: Official Rules of Entry

To participate, please read the QnA below. Direct all other questions to


Why is there a picture of Octavia Butler on the flyer?

After reading “Parable of the Sower”, I was inspired to write more fiercely than I had done in a long time. After reading the sequel “Parable of the Talent” and learning there was a character by my name and physical feature, I felt kindred. Octavia Butler was one of the greatest imaginations of our time. Let her inspire you too.

What is the fee to enter?


What genre or subject is accepted?

All genres and all subjects

What are the criteria for entry?

What are the criterias of the short story?

  • 1500 words max (excluding title & bio)
  • Must be original content
  • Any genre accepted
  • The story must have a title.
  • We do not accept work that has been previously published in print, online, or any other medium unless self-published.
  • We do not accept works in translation.

What are the criteria for submitting the story?

  • Story must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday July 21st 2020
  • Must include a 150 word bio and a picture of the author.
  • File must be submitted as a PDF to
  • File must be typed in standard font (Times New Roman) and size (12) ie: make sure we can read it.
  • Once entered, we do not accept revisions for any stories.
  • You may enter as many stories as you like.

How many winners are selected?

There is only 1 grand winner however, multiple stories will be eligible for publication.

What determines publication eligibility?

We will select stories that are complex, compelling, and unique. We are looking for stories we’ve never heard before and that the writer has a defined voice. We are willing to publish every entry we like.

Where will the work be published?

The stories we like will be published at on a tab from the home page. There will also be one article that features all the stories and a highlighted feature of the best story.

How do I win the $50 prize?

The $50 prize is awarded to the most popular story.

How do your determine what is the most popular story?

The most popular story will be the story that has generated the most views, likes, and comments over a 30 day period. Each author will be given a direct link to their story to promote and share their published content.

When is the winner announced?

The winner of the $50 will be contacted by August 20th at latest or 30 days from the final submission (before August 20th).

Authors who have been awarded publication will be contacted any time before August 20th to advise of approved publication and “popularity window.”

What is popularity window?

Popularity window is the 30 day time frame in which the author has to gather as much support, readership, and comments to be eligible for the $50 grand prize.

Please email for answers to all other questions.

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